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Chris Brazel a unique international consultant, trainer, designer as well as a published author. The most amazing energy expert you will ever come across.

Chris gets to the core, gives you the solution, you commit and best of all you always get the results you want. Her designs are colourful energetic and amazing. You can always tell a Chris Brazel Design without even seeing her name. Whether it is a logo, office/retail environment, home environment, clothing/ children’s clothing, home wares and more.

She is the ultimate master of energy alignment through the principals of colours, numbers & feng shui.

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My passion in life is help you achieve your wishes, goals and dreams.
To reach your full potential and have the best life ever. Everything is possible when you choose it to be possible.

Winning in 2016

Winning in 2016 will be awesome. To win and have an awesome year is totally up to you. Let me help you win with either our Calendar, Coaching Journal, Workshops or Events.

This is your year to shine.

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Real Estate

Selling or buying a home is not just a contract between agents, buyers, sellers it is the closing of one door and the opening of another.

This is a precious time of life.  A time to make sure you make the right decisions.

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Chris Brazel has appeared on a large variety of TV and radio talk shows, magazines, expo’s and more!

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The Academy of Energy – Training

Individual and Practitioner Training in Feng Shui, Colour Therapy, Numerology, Change4U and Love Where You Live ™

You can join any of my training programmes for personal use  (DIY) or as a wellbeing coach,, lifestyle coach, home styling, practitioners.

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House Sold the Easy Way

Who really sells your home? The moment the owner totally chooses to sell and to transform their life in a new direction, the property will sell. Your agent is your negotiator and marketing person. You are the salesperson!

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Bootcamps and Retreats

Join me for a fun, inspiration and education weekend.  You will leave fully energised, motivated, inspired with an action plan.

Bootcamps and retreats are held in Australia, Sydney, Country NSW, Hawaii, Serbia, New York.

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Success Stories

Everyday people achieving the extraordinary. Everything is possible if you choose it to be possible.

Start the domino effect to a new you today.

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Coloured Undies

Change the Colour of your Undies Change Your Life ™. The undies is the fastest and easiest way to a brand new you.

Check out my Coloured Undies ™ seven day or 49 Day turn your life around programme.

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